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How much will you pay? Members who went to independent pharmacies were also more likely to report that the pharmacist suggested a lower-cost drug—21 percent—while only 9 percent reported chain pharmacists offering them a lower-price option. Worse, national chains tended to have some of the highest out-of-pocket prices. While prices at independents fell in the middle, CR members said they found the lowest prices at Costco (you don’t have to be a Costco member to fill prescriptions at the pharmacy). CR secret shoppers found that some independent and grocery store pharmacies can offer even lower prices than Costco—you’ll just need to call around in your area and ask for their “cash” or retail price. See more below on how to save money on your meds. If you have health insurance, double-check your plan to be sure you’re getting the lowest prices at your pharmacy. Some plans—through Medicare Part D or an employer—have negotiated discounts with “preferred” pharmacies or mail-order plans.

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If you’re facing high drug costs, one of the first things to do is ask your doctor whether a generic drug is available for your condition. That can save you as much as 90 percent. Savvy shoppers can also save in several other ways, especially if you opt to pay the retail, cash price:

Try 90-day prescriptions. Many insurance plans require you to pay only one or two copays instead of three for a 90-day supply, so it’s worth asking your healthcare provider for a three-month prescription for medications you take on a regular, ongoing basis. For those paying cash, most pharmacies will charge you less per pill when you purchase several months’ worth, so be sure to inquire.

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Changing pharmacies isn’t difficult, but you need to follow all the steps to make sure that everyone involved in your family’s healthcare has up-to-date information. Here’s what to do. Let the new druggist handle transfers. Much of the work to transfer prescriptions, including remaining refills, is done electronically these days. Depending on your state laws, refills for controlled substances might not transfer, in which case you’ll need to have your doctor issue a new prescription. Do the paperwork. Your pharmacy should have a complete profile of every family member, including insurance information, medical history, and a list of every drug taken—prescription and over-the-counter—as well as vitamins, herbs, supplements, topical preparations, and even medical marijuana in states where it’s legal, including CBD-only products (cannabidiol). Notify your doctors. It will save time and confusion later if you call your doctors’ offices and update the pharmacy information in your file. Try to fill all prescriptions at the new store. Once you’ve found a drugstore that offers everything you need, it’s safest to fill all your prescriptions there if you can. That’s because your pharmacist can check for all possible drug interactions and alert you if there are any issues. “Jumping around might save you a few dollars here or there, but it’s bad in the long run because no one place will have a complete medical profile,” Hoey says.